Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wanelo Wishlist

Hello, we apoligise for not posting lately and we promise we are going to be posting more but at the moment school as gotten on top of us. On a more positive note we have found a new discovery, dun dun dun, Wanelo. It has definitely become our latest addiction.
Download the free app from the app store and you can instantly browse and make wishlists of you're most wanted items straight from your phone. Or, if that's not for you, simply create your account manually on your computer and do the same thing. Wanelo is a fantastic way of discovering gorgeous clothing, gadgets, food or whatever your hearts content, and allows you to save them to different types of collections.

We discovered this amazing site through Instagram last week, and have not stopped browsing the endless items since. We are definitely ready for a much needed shopping trip! We thought we would show you some of my favourite discoveries. If you click on the links you will be directed to the items on Wanelo, but if you click 'buy' on the right hand side, you'll be taken to the actual shop.

Sophies Wanelo wishlist:

Olivias Wanelo wishlist:

                                                               (this is Olivia's account)

 We hope you've enjoyed this wishlist. If you have Wanelo, we'd love to browse your account, so feel free to put your username in the comments.


  1. There is so much I want! Love the dresses and the geek tee as well as the pink jumper, it would look so cute with disco pants


  2. yes, it's all so lovely, so do we. Oh yes, never thought of that, would be such a good outfit :-)

  3. Great post :3 I have nominated you guys for the Liebester Award! The info is on this blogpost: