Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy thoughts + memories from 2013

Hello, it's me again! First of all I'd just like to apologise for the terrible photo quality. I was taking these photos whilst it was getting dark so the camera was being difficult.

This afternoon I finally created my 'happy thoughts and memories from 2013' jar. Better late than never, right? I know Olivia already posted about making her jar here and even did a tutorial showing you how she made it, but I'm not going to go into so much detail. I basically used the Kempton Rose paper from Cath Kidston which I talked about here and on the red side of the paper cut around the flowers to make a zig-zag shape in a line and stuck them on. I did the same on the top of the jar but cut the paper into a more circular shape. I then designed the writing on Picmonkey and printed that out and stuck it on a rectangular shape of the blue floral side of paper. Lastly I wrapped a red ribbon around the top.

I think this is such a brilliant idea. I think at the end of 2013 it will make me a lot happier when reflecting on the year and will make me realise how much fun I actually had. I don't keep a diary, so this is a perfect way of remembering the good times in the last year without having to write a lot down.


  1. loved the idea '-'

  2. This idea is so lovely, and the jar looks so cute!