Sunday, 28 July 2013

imPress Nail Review

As it is summer i thought i would treat myself to some fake nails. I came across this product called imPRESS, which is basically a really affordable set of  fake nails. I got them from Boots but as i am aware they are available from Superdrug as well. These are my second set, the first set i bought were for prom, you can find them here.
I really loved this colour, online they actually look a lot darker but in person they are a lovely shade of pink, but not too pink. They are super easy to apply, you literally just peel off the plastic on the back and stick them on your nail, simple as that. I love the feel of them. I bought the short length as i find really long nails hard to handle, however these aren't too short, or too long, they are just right. I also love how natural they look, not just on the nail but how they feel, it feels like there is nothing stuck on. 
The way they are presented in the packaging is adorable, and i really like how original this is. 

The only thing i disliked was once you had applied the nails on one hand, peeling the plastic off the nails for the other hand was pretty tricky and quite fiddly, but do-able. Apart from that i love them.

Olivia x
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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Camping With Us

1-Cath Kidston (Pillow Case)
3-Cath Kidston (Cushion)
4- Handmade 
5-Cath Kidston (Cushion)
6- eBay

This week me and Sophie camped out in Sophie's back garden for a night in her new Cath Kidston tent!
It was so lovely! We arranged loads of cushions and blankets with bunting to make it as cosy as possible.
Apart from the bugs that decided to invade our territory, putting up the tent the wrong way and loosing our torches it was a fabulous night.

Tent Review:
The tent was lovely! You can find it here. It was so spacious inside, we were both incredibly shocked. It fits 2 but could fit 3, even 4 (but that is pushing it). There are 2 layers, one being the canopy (the luggage tags). This worked well as over night there was a lot of condensation build up, but because of the layers, this built up in the canopy and not where we were sleeping, so we didn't get wet. It was easy to put together... however we did it totally wrong to start with, probably because we were so excited to get into it we rushed, haha!
Neither of us would fault this tent and we wish to go to festivals in it in the near future

Olivia x

Monday, 22 July 2013

Cath Kidston Sale Wishlist

As you might be aware, Cath Kidston currently have a large sale on at the moment. I popped into my local Cath Kidston yesterday afternoon and had a quick browse around and a few things caught my eye. I decided to dedicate a post showing you my favourite items that I spotted yesterday and also looked at online.

001: How cute is this country cottage inspired tent?! It's perfect for a weekend camping trip or for a festival this summer, or even to camp out in the garden with some friends which Olivia and I are planning to do soon. My Mum actually bought me this tent from Cath Kidston last week, and I'm in love with that, but perhaps for someone who likes the country vibe or likes their tent to be the prettiest it can be, this tent would be better suited for them.

002: With college drawing closer (I start in September) I'm looking forward to stationary shopping soon to buy all my college supplies. I think this pencil case would be perfect to store all my pens and pencils in.

003: I'm sure it's not just me who has shoes cluttered all over the house. It's time for me to become more organised and find a suitable storage space for them. Perhaps this shoe tidy would be perfect to lay out all my shoes in an organised manour in my wardrobe.

004: I've suddenly had a new craving to start baking some tasty treats such as cookies and cupcakes. This mixing bowl would be great to use, whilst still looking gorgeous. When I popped into Cath Kidston they even had a matching mixing spatula, which would be incredibly useful.

005: I would love a new glasses case for college, and I adore this print. I do like how it's not a typical Cath Kidston print (pastels; green, pink, blue and yellow) and is instead a dark print, with a bit of colour, but still maintains florals.

006: I like this floral wash bag, although I'd use it more to put my makeup and other beauty products in if I was going away or even to a sleepover.

007: Aren't bobby pins and other clips the hardest things to keep track of and not lost?! This pretty container would look lovely on any shelf, as well as storing my bobby pins and other assortments.

008: Even though the amazing sunshine and clear skies are supposed to be leaving us later this week, I would love to sunbathe/chill/read a book under this stripey parasol.

009: My mum accidently dropped my one and only Cath Kidston mug a few weeks ago whilst washing the dishes, and I still haven't gotten around to replacing it yet. I think this mug would be the perfect replacement at a bargain price of £5!

I hope you enjoyed my Cath Kidston wishlist! Let me know if you liked any of the items I listed. Take care.

Sophie x

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Summer has arrived

A couple of weeks ago, we both went for a walk and ended up at a nearby park that we hadn't visited in years. We took a couple of photos that we wanted to share with you. Although these photos were taken before the sun decided to poke its head around the clouds along with the unbearable heat that the UK is currently experiencing, it was still rather warm so we decided to play around with daisies and other flowers in preparation of summer's arrival.

Let us know if you would like to see more lifestyle or artistic photos like the ones above from us! We think it's refreshing to mix up our blog a little bit and explore with different post ideas.

Olivia & Sophie