Friday, 30 August 2013

College/Autumn Haul

I went shopping yesterday for college clothes for the colder months coming up. I was a little bit hesitant to go into Zara at first as I haven't really liked their summer clothes but once I went in I fell in love with this combined top. It has a flower print on the front and a tartan print on the back which is just so unique and quirky. I also bought a black jumper because I've been looking for a nice, warm one for ages now. On a whim, I tried on these River Island leggings thinking they'd be unflattering on me, but I actually love them!! I feel a little self conscious wearing them with the black jumper though as the jumper is cropped and I'm not used to wearing leggings. However they're comfortable and yet warm and I can't wait to wear them with boots. I've been on the hunt for a college bag that's big enough to fit plenty of A4 paper and folders in, but have so far been unsuccessful until I stumbled upon this beauty from Accessorize. Seeing as black goes with everything I think this was an investment worth making! I love my H&M top as I've admired them for a while. It's quite a loose fit but so comfy and casual! Inspired by Olivia getting these rings and the increasing hype over them on Instagram, I picked up these inexpensive midi rings from River Island. I love them!

What have you bought recently? What was your favourite item from my haul?

Sophie x

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Haul! Haul! Haul!

finger top ring - river island // jumper - topshop // jeans - topshop // cami top - topshop 

So i went shopping and picked up some new bits and pieces. This was all bought with birthday money :-) When i go shopping i'm not usually very successful and i don't usually purchase anything as i am very indecisive. However, it was a happy and successful day!!! Yippee!!

01- These finger top rings are gorgeous! i really like how they feel on and i think they look super pretty. I had heard about them on Instagram and thought i must get them!

02- We all love Topshop frilly socks and these are such pretty colours so i had to get them! I love how pastel they are and will go with pretty much anything and they always look cute with rolled up jeans or skirts.

03- All i can say about this jumper is i am in love! I know it's still summer and hot but as soon as i saw this i wanted it! I will be wearing it a lot this winter and i am excited for it to get colder so i can. I love the material as well, it's not itchy in the slightest and it is nice a thick, yet airy.

04- Now i don't usually buy tops like these, but i really do like this. It's a cute little top that i can wear with anything, literally. It's easy to just pop on and go with a baggy cardigan.

05- I have wanted a top like this is sooo long! I literally love this style. The cut out shoulder tops seem to be quite in style at the moment and i just love how they look and hang on the arms. I also like how casual yet smart they are and it can be worn to many different occasions, from shopping to a meal out :-)

06- Leigh jeans, well what can i say, i love them. I have also wanted some acid jeans for a while now as well so these were a great buy

What have been your favourite clothes purchases recently?

Olivia x
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Sunday, 4 August 2013

London Haul

 Rimmel London - Round and Round the Garden         &         Rimmel London - Marshmallow Heaven

 Cable-knit jumper | Studded jumper | Floral skater skirt | Zip-up skirt 

 Yesterday, I travelled to Westfields shopping centre in London with my mum for the day. I've never visited before so I was slightly overwhelmed at how huge it was. Urban Outfitters and Topshop were both absolutely gigantic and full to the brim of lovely clothes! I had a really fun day and thought I'd show you the items that I picked up whilst I was there.

All clothing items are from H&M, which is slightly unusual for me as I tend not to think of it as one of my favourite shops because nothing really stands out to me. However, I loved the look of this slouchy Cable-knit jumper as it was perfect for lazy days spent at home but could also be dressed up with pale blue jeans. The grey studded jumper caught my eye in the divided section and I then found the beautiful floral skater skirt nearby and thought the two looked great together when I tried them on. The floral skirt reminded me of something you'd find in Brandy Melville and I loved how the studded jumper toughened up the girly skirt. Lastly, I purchased the skirt with the zip up the front as oxblood is my favourite colour and I thought it was really cute.

Before we left, I made a quick trip into Superdrug and bought two nail polishes. I've been experimenting with different nail polish brands lately and I've taken a liking to Rimmel so I picked up a couple of the colours that caught my eye.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I purchased in London yesterday!

Sophie x

Thursday, 1 August 2013

16th Birthday Haul

2 t-shirts from Next // Daisy perfume // Grey Converse // MacBook Pro 13" //Apple Store Card

Hello everyone!
It was my birthday yesterday so i therefore wanted to do a post on the gifts i received from the family. I have received gifts from my friends but am going to do this in a separate post to this one.
I just want to make it clear that i am not bragging about what i got in any way, as i am fully grateful for everything.
I know myself that i love seeing birthday hauls, just because i love knowing what people get hehe!
These are only the main gifts i received, i also have some money and gift vouchers.

Anyway on my birthday i went to Chessington World of Adventures with one of my best friends Sophie, who is the other owner of this blog. I know, 16 and going to Chessington, well i have you know it was one of the best days. It was so so lovely and fun, the weather was good, not too hot and not too cold, and we only had one rain shower. There is also a zoo there if you are not familiar with this and there are theme park rides. It's pretty much 2 for 1. It was a great day!

Just want to thank all my friends and family for making my 16th the best!

Olivia x
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