Saturday, 1 December 2012

Wishlist - Topshop style

Topshop Autumn Wishlist 2012

Oh my god, can i just buy the whole of Topshop? please? I thought i would make a wishlist as they are so fun to do, yet they make you feel extremely poor :-(. I have bundled together 7 items which i wish to purchase, emphasis on the 'wish'.

001- a velvet skirt, i repeat a velvet skirt, oh my, i want. They are so lovely, i mean look at them. I have always been unsure of wearing skirts now, especially skater skirts, i don't know really, its just self consciousness i guess, but instagram has made me explore. I love the dark rich red of this skirt, i think a plain black would drown out my skin as i am so pale, so i would want a colour that gives myself a bit of colour. There is so much i could wear it with as well, i will be making a purchase asap!

002- I love this jumper, not only because of the studs but because of how unique it is. I also love the colour as it is a good grey, which would go with just about everything. Furthermore i like the way the studs are spread out on the jumper, it's so cute

003- I really, really need a new fashionable white shirt. I saw this one and instantly loved it because it's one of those that you can wear with just about anything

004- i'm not normally into dark nail varnish, but this is an exception, i love it. It so gorgeous and gives a winter feel.

005- Ok. i'm in love. I have already got some studded boots, which i adore, but i really want some ankle boots. These are just perfect, a must buy.

006- Socks, oh socks, i wouldn't mind a pair of these in my stocking for Christmas :-)! I love all of these styles of socks, purely because they go with absolutely anything. They are quite expensive but totally worth it.

007- I just can't get enough of sparkly nail varnish. I already have a pink sparkle varnish from topshop, amazing, even though i don't like how long it takes to take it off. It seriously is like super glued to my nail i swear, but it looks fantastic, and really want to try this silver and it feels Chrismassy as well.

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  1. i love the socks! they are on my christmas list too:) x