Friday, 21 December 2012


Hello! I would firstly like to say a big, big thank you to all of my amazing friends who have given me a present for Christmas. I love you all so much. This post is going to be showing you all the gifts i have received from perfume to a whole stack of chocolate galore.

 This shows a picture of all my gifts i received  i also got loads of chocolate, but as i have already started eating it, i didn't really see the point in showing it here. I want to say a thank you for the wrapping paper, haha, this is what the gifts are sitting on. One of my friends wrapped a selection pack in it and i just couldn't resit tearing it, it is now used as a decoration on my bedside table. Yay. ps. The candle isn't a present, it is just there hehe.

 This gift is gorgeous. Anything Soap&Glory and you have officially won me over. I have never used these products before i am going to be testing them out tonight.

 Close up of the body buff, it's gorgeous.
 I then received some perfume. I love the packaging, i think it's gorgeous and the smell just tops it off.
Say hello to the best nail polish i have received  ever received. It so lovely, this just proves my friends know me too well.
 The colour is 702 Marshmallow Heaven. I am hoping on painting my nails tomorrow, i am really excited hehe.
 NYX. Ugh i love this so much. I have never really purchased any glitter eye shadows, i now wish i had. From looking and testing this i am not definitely going to be purchasing some  a lot more!

 It also comes with brushes as well.

 I decided to take a photo of them on my arm (not the most attractive arm, but hey ho) As they are glitter they literally shine of every little piece of light, no joke, but it came out well. The colours are mainly lilacs and purples but with the exception of the gold and the dark silver it makes it perfect.
Little samples are fab!
 Little lip balms= perfection. Simple yet amazing.
 "Kiss me quick"
What just topped the gifts off was receiving a vintage floral heart, and even better, it was handmade by her mum! It gorgeous.
Oh and it also smells of lavender, here's the opposite side.

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  1. that rimmel nail polish is so pretty !

    Liyana ♥