Friday, 30 November 2012

Sophie's Topshop Wishlist

Mock week is finally over! I think I've failed most of my exams, but oh well, they're only mocks. And I have no homework over the weekend so I intend on being really lazy, yay! I think Olivia and I are going to be posting an awful lot over the next few days and weeks! We have so many post ideas, but the past couple of weeks have been so stressful and busy. 

I've compiled a few items from Topshop that I have my eyes on at the moment. However, I've told myself that I can't spend any money on myself until after Christmas. I have so many gifts to buy this year but just not enough money so I'm trying to save! We'll see how well this goes...Hopefully someone will see this post and take pity on me by buying me everything? Deal?

001: I'm a huge sucker for aubergine/oxblood clothes at the moment  In fact, I have been obsessed for over a year now! I just really want some simple jumpers I can wear with basically anything. This jumper is also meant to be really slouchy which is a huge bonus!

002: I also really love this jumper. I love the pattern and the contrast between the black and white. I'd love to accessorize with a bright, colourful scarf, like my mustard one I wear way too often.

003: Topshop nail polishes are the best, and this green one is no exception. I've actually been eyeing this up for a while, but even £5 is a splurge for me at the moment. Although it's not typically an autumn/winter colour, I'm sure I can transition it into spring and summer.

004: I love snoods. I don't own any, but I wish I did! The dark colours on this snood just really appeals to me. I know Christmas colours are traditionally red and green, but for some reason, I find this snood very seasonal.

005: Aw, just aw. Isn't this skirt so cute, and girly? I've wanted a little, white skirt for a while now. They're just so pretty and feminine. This skirt would actually look lovely paired with the oxblood jumper!

006: Yeah, I'm so hipster. For some reason, the ugliness of this bag just makes me love it even more tehe!

007: Um...I just really like backpacks I guess. I've wanted this bag for so long now! This would be perfect for shopping trips or days out at the weekend. I reckon it would just go with any outfit!

008: Last, but definitely not least, is this gorgeous sleeveless jacket. I tried it on in the shop, and I fell in love. Although it looked great, and was so warm and snugly, my Mum was a slightly reluctant to spend £55 on it...sad times. However, I still love it!!!

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  1. All these items are so lovely! You two have such a lovely blog! I'm following you now! x Laura