Thursday, 9 January 2014

Harry Potter WORLD!

On the 3rd of January I visited the Harry Potter Studios in London. Being a big Harry Potter fan myself, I can honestly say it was insane and so overwhelming that I was seeing the actual sets and props. I don't want to explain everything that went on, and show you all the details, just because there are a few surprises along the way which are not worth spoiling. (If you are intending to go, which i think you should  DEFINITELY should;-) ) Here are some images I took during the tour. Considering not all of you will be massive Harry Potter fans I thought i would label some of the photos just to make it a little clearer. (But i expect most already know, haha :-) )  Enjoy.

As i'm studying graphic design A Level this was one of the most exciting parts to the tour. To see all the design work that had gone into Harry Potter was so so interesting and really inspiring.   

(This was right at the end of the tour on a big screen)

I hope you enjoyed this post, we are hoping to be updating more often in the upcoming weeks and months. :-) 
Have you been to Harry Potter World? 

Olivia x


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