Sunday, 28 July 2013

imPress Nail Review

As it is summer i thought i would treat myself to some fake nails. I came across this product called imPRESS, which is basically a really affordable set of  fake nails. I got them from Boots but as i am aware they are available from Superdrug as well. These are my second set, the first set i bought were for prom, you can find them here.
I really loved this colour, online they actually look a lot darker but in person they are a lovely shade of pink, but not too pink. They are super easy to apply, you literally just peel off the plastic on the back and stick them on your nail, simple as that. I love the feel of them. I bought the short length as i find really long nails hard to handle, however these aren't too short, or too long, they are just right. I also love how natural they look, not just on the nail but how they feel, it feels like there is nothing stuck on. 
The way they are presented in the packaging is adorable, and i really like how original this is. 

The only thing i disliked was once you had applied the nails on one hand, peeling the plastic off the nails for the other hand was pretty tricky and quite fiddly, but do-able. Apart from that i love them.

Olivia x
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  1. I love the color too! I tend to peel my nailpolish off [nervous habit] so I am a bit worried that if I spend the money on fake nails that they wont last a day on me.


    1. Yes it's lovely! oh, well trust me, they stick on well, you would have to pick them a lot for them to peel off, they are very sturdy.

  2. i really wanted to try these but i was really skeptical. But i think maybe i will try them because of you!

    If you have time,please check out my blog :)

    Thank you :)

    1. Yes! try them, honestly you won't regret it, they are so lovely!
      Will do :)

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  4. We love these because they look so natural, and not obviously fake