Saturday, 27 July 2013

Camping With Us

1-Cath Kidston (Pillow Case)
3-Cath Kidston (Cushion)
4- Handmade 
5-Cath Kidston (Cushion)
6- eBay

This week me and Sophie camped out in Sophie's back garden for a night in her new Cath Kidston tent!
It was so lovely! We arranged loads of cushions and blankets with bunting to make it as cosy as possible.
Apart from the bugs that decided to invade our territory, putting up the tent the wrong way and loosing our torches it was a fabulous night.

Tent Review:
The tent was lovely! You can find it here. It was so spacious inside, we were both incredibly shocked. It fits 2 but could fit 3, even 4 (but that is pushing it). There are 2 layers, one being the canopy (the luggage tags). This worked well as over night there was a lot of condensation build up, but because of the layers, this built up in the canopy and not where we were sleeping, so we didn't get wet. It was easy to put together... however we did it totally wrong to start with, probably because we were so excited to get into it we rushed, haha!
Neither of us would fault this tent and we wish to go to festivals in it in the near future

Olivia x


  1. Just discovered your blog and I love it ;)
    Sleeping in a tent in a back garden seems like a lot of fun...might do it someday with my friends :D


  2. Thank you so much! :-)
    Yes you should! it was so fun, cosy and cute!