Saturday, 20 October 2012


Hello! before we got and made the blog i went to a craft fair (13/10/12) which was located near Winchester  it was beautiful, with all you can think of vintage. I only bought a couple of items, but the items i did buy were the following:

The first item i bought was some bunting, i can not exaggerate enough how much i wanted some of this. It took me a while to find it but when i did i had to get it. It's one of those things that is rare to find and when you do find it, it has to be perfect. I wasn't sure how it would fit in my room with the colours but it fits like a treat and it was only £6, which i don't think was bad at all. 

This is a close up image of one of the materials, the detail is beautiful. You can really see the embroidery and how neatly it has been cut and made, i am very pleased with this purchase. 

This is the most gorgeous tissue holder! i never knew these things existed until now, i was so shocked when i found it, and when i did find it i had to buy it. The material is like Cath Kidston which is why i love it, it securely holds tissues and it such a good size, it makes tissues look fabulous. Why didn't i find this sooner? 

Here is the underside of the tissue holder, beautiful!
The second item i bought was this gorgeous owl, when i saw it i fell in love with it. It's so unique and hand made so it makes it even better. It has a variety of patterns, some of which are floral. This item also reminded me of Cath Kidston, lovely! I also liked the way it looked half asleep, this is even better haha!

Here's a close up of the patterns, they are extremely pretty.
 Furthermore this then leads me onto the latest footwear i have purchased. My mum insisted on me buying some new boots, so i did, i got these beautiful black studded boots from River Island and if i can remember rightly they were roughly £35. They were just what i was looking for. I also bought these before we made the blog so thought it would be nice to include them as well as this is also a fashion blog.
I am so pleased with this beauty's look how amazing they are. They also remind me of Doc Martens ( which is a good thing yay) This is a side view of the boot with the laces done up. 

This shows the back of the boot and really shows off the studs and how and where they have been placed on the boot. 

Next! Today (20/10/12) i have been shopping, yippee! I only went to Guildford, but i love it there, only because there is a Cath Kidston. I didn't buy much anyway, but as they say, less is more i guess.
The first thing i purchased was:
Oh Comely, i love you. I had to purchase this after Sophie reminded me the new issue was out (issue twelve) i am so excited to be able to sit down and read this tonight

The inside is just beautiful 

Even the back's lovely 

This brings me on to Cath Kidston, i didn't buy much from in here, just a mug. I have always wanted a Cath Kidston mug, and today was my day, (picture below) My mum also came into the shop with me and we were walking round thinking how much we would love everything, so as a christmas present i said how much i would love 2 of the cushions, so from a present from my nan, this is what i have. I couldn't take a photo of these though as they have been hidden away, even though i know about them, i will show these at christmas, i cannot wait!
Gorgeous, cannot wait to drink out of this tonight. 


Bottom of new Cath Kidston mug 

It's building up happily, not to mention how many Company magazines are sitting in my draw.


  1. Hello there :)
    I found your blog via instagram and I have to say I was immediately captivated by it :) It's so genuinely pretty :) I love the graphic and and the whole feel of it :)
    What a nice haul ! I especially love the Cath Kidston mug and the "Oh Comely" magazine, it's a pity that they don't sell it where I live :(
    Anyway, Iam writing to you to tell you that I've nominated you to a Liebster Award :) You just have to see my post for infos :)
    Valeria xx

  2. Love the boots :)x