Sunday, 29 December 2013

What I got for Christmas 2013

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I ate far too much food, spent time with my family and watched plenty of films on TV. I decided to show you some of the gifts that I received for Christmas because I absoloutely love to read blog posts or watch youtube videos about what other people got for Christmas. I would just like to firmly state that I am not bragging or showing off at all at what I got, but just thought it would be nice to document and share with you. I am incredibly grateful for the gifts my family gave me and I do feel very lucky.
A few weeks ago I went shopping with my family and we all picked out a perfume/aftershave that we wanted for the next year. After what seemed like hours in Debenhams, I eventually decided on Daisy by Marc Jacobs as it smells wonderful. It's not overpowering but its sophisticated and definitely noticeable. In my stocking, Santa surprised me with two essie nail polishes. It's slightly annoying as the names of the polishes aren't on them, but I really like the colours. One is a pretty shade of purple/blue and another is a dirty, dark grey/green. I had my previous laptop for over 3 years and it was beginning to freeze and overheat constantly, so my lovely parents purchased a white, Sony laptop which I have fallen in love with. 
My sister also received the same laptop and her keyboard lights up, but for some reason mine doesn't. I've googled how to make it light up for the last few days and experimented with the settings but still can't work it out. If anyone has the same problem or knows how to make the keyboard light up, please let me know! Other than that, it's perfect! I've recently become obsessed with Tumblr again. You can follow me here.
I love rings and so my mum got me three sets of beautiful gold and silver rings from River Island. Most of them are midi rings which I adore. I've been admiring this gold, chunky chain necklace for a while as I love how they can transform a simple outfit into something a bit more glamourous and trendy. 
Next summer, I'm going to Orlando in Florida for a couple of weeks with my family. My parents gave me and my sister this waterproof camera to document the fun we will have when we're there (swimming with dolphins, water parks and snorkelling etc) which I think is such a brilliant idea! I also got the Disney Princess CD with songs ranging from Tangled to Beauty and the Beast so that by the time I go to Disney World I'll know all the lyrics to the songs. 
I love Made In Chelsea and I love all the songs that feature on the show so my sister bought me the Made In Chelsea soundtrack which I'm super excited about. My favourite tracks on the album are "Midnight City", "In Your Car", "Drink, Dance, Play", "Summer", "Full Circle" and "Enjoy the Silence". This year I watched all of the Avenger films for the first time and soon became addicted so my parents gave me all my favourites; Thor, Iron man (1, 2 and 3) and The Avengers. I went to see We're the Millers at the cinema and I couldn't stop laughing the whole time so Santa decided to give me it, yay.

Once again, I'd just like to state that I am not boasting. I feel very lucky and have thanked my family for their amazing and generous gifts. I'd love to hear what you guys got for Christmas so please feel free to leave a comment.

Sophie x

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  1. Marc Jacobs perfume, my favourite xx

  2. great selection of presents, love you two's blog :)