Friday, 30 August 2013

College/Autumn Haul

I went shopping yesterday for college clothes for the colder months coming up. I was a little bit hesitant to go into Zara at first as I haven't really liked their summer clothes but once I went in I fell in love with this combined top. It has a flower print on the front and a tartan print on the back which is just so unique and quirky. I also bought a black jumper because I've been looking for a nice, warm one for ages now. On a whim, I tried on these River Island leggings thinking they'd be unflattering on me, but I actually love them!! I feel a little self conscious wearing them with the black jumper though as the jumper is cropped and I'm not used to wearing leggings. However they're comfortable and yet warm and I can't wait to wear them with boots. I've been on the hunt for a college bag that's big enough to fit plenty of A4 paper and folders in, but have so far been unsuccessful until I stumbled upon this beauty from Accessorize. Seeing as black goes with everything I think this was an investment worth making! I love my H&M top as I've admired them for a while. It's quite a loose fit but so comfy and casual! Inspired by Olivia getting these rings and the increasing hype over them on Instagram, I picked up these inexpensive midi rings from River Island. I love them!

What have you bought recently? What was your favourite item from my haul?

Sophie x


  1. Great finds! Sometimes you look at a piece and think it's nice, and then you try it on and fall in love! It's such a distinct feeling when you put something on and straight away know that you have to have it :') I love the jumper, and I have a top like that from H&M - so easy to wear :D x

  2. Love your raglan top! x